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Sunday, August 7, 2011


This holiday I really wanted to finish my WIP's. So I've been knitting some second-of-a-kinds to get my projects to the FO stage.
Up first: the crochet doily. I've made three of these, but unfortunately I didn't have photos of them. Now I've finished the fourth I finally remembered to take a photo. I just need to crochet the final round and then it'll be delivered to it's new owner to keep the other three doilies company :) The pattern is improvised, bit based on an old falling-to-pieces one it's going to replace. The four o these have taken me quite a long time as they're worked with a 0.75 mm hook and I must say I do prefer knitting to crochet...
Next: Ranunkel, part two.
These have now been blocked and are going to the same person as the crochet doilies. As I've said before: very nice pattern :) The only problem with these was that my thread was inclined to split...

 So, what else comes in pairs? Socks of course!
After finishing my very first (pink) pair, I moved on to a second pair. The pinkies are knitted over 64 stitches which is too wide for me, so I decided to reduce the stitch count to 56, which gives me nice tight socks :) Because I have such slim and small feet (size 36) 1 ball of yarn (100 gr) gives me enough to make a pair of normal, mid-calf socks AND a pair of ankle socks. I can feel I'm starting to get hooked :)

 The ankle socks are still mainly based on the basic sock pattern, but I've added a cable along the top of the foot to make them more special. I'm starting to get adventurous :) The second ankle sock is still on the needles but should be finished soon ;)


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