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Friday, August 26, 2011

Pairs 2

After completing the ankle socks, I decided I wanted to work on something bigger for a change. I looked through my favourites on Ravelry and found this: the ribbed lace bolero. I really liked the pattern and the wearer of the shrugs approves of it too, so a second one was soon started.

 This blue-grey one was the first one I knitted. I found the yarn at the gypsy market in El Puerto this Easter and it has been in my stash cupboard since. When I first calculated the gauge, I cast on way too many stitches, and only realised when it was nearly finished, so I had to frog it and start again. Once I recalculated the number of stitches and reknitted it, it was such a nice fit that I decided to do another one in some purple mohair yarn that I bought some time ago because it was reduced due to being the last three skeins. I used one to knit this shrug and I hope the other two will do to knit this.

With the nice yarn I bought in Hay, on the other hand, I decided to try and knit some gloves, I'd never knited gloves before, but I had made a few pairs of mittens, so I improvised a bit, and these are the result. The fingers are a bit misshapen, but once they're on you don't really notice :)

 Those are all the pairs for the moment. another post with more knitting will be coming shortly :)

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