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Monday, July 25, 2011


It has been quiet on this blog for some time, but that doesn't mean I haven't been knitting anything :).

We went on holiday to the small city in the south of Spain where my family lives, El Puerto de Santa María; aka El Puerto. As in Spain the internet is known as 'el cyberdespacio' or 'cyberslow' I waited until we got home to post some photos. So here we go. First some photos if Cádiz, the big city near El Puerto and then some of Sanlúcar, another smaller town further up the coast.

The food market (La Plaza)

A fruit and veg stall at the market
The town hall
The cathedral

A street in the old centre

Entrance to the patio of an old house
A street in Sanlúcar

View of Sanlúcar

First on the list of FO's: Ranunkel: a lace doily knitted in the round on 2.5 mm needles (the ones I bought in Hay last year) Great project for first time lace knitting, not too difficult, although knitting 7 together is not the most comfortable manoeuvre...
This one still needs blocking, but I think it's really quite nice so I'm making a second one!

 Next: socks.

I did some surgery on the monster sock which was way too big on the foot. I'll be making another one of those, so I'll have some really snug socks for the winter.
It's still a bit on the large side, but it'll be fine with a pair of normal socks under it....

My first real sock.
Not perfect and made from some baby pink scrap yarn I had (not really my colour either), but it fits nicely. It's friend is on the needles :)
And last but not least, a shrug I finished today. I started it last summer and then frogged it for a while, but picked it back up this week for the knitting group. The main yarn was left over from a crossover I knitted for my mother, the crochet border yarn from a jumper I knitted for my godmother. Another stashbursting project :)

I'm off for another few weeks now, but a the place were I'm going there'll be a good internet connection and a lot of time to knit :)


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