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Friday, August 26, 2011

Boom! It's a yarnbomb!

Some time ago, I posted that the Leuven cultural centre were looking for yarmbombers to decorate the venue of the Start-event, the Dijleterassen. They look like this:
On Wednesday I went to the first YB-meeting and between the three of us from our knitting group, we decided that we were going to cover the benches. It seems like quite a lot of work, but as there are usually about twenty of us around, it shouldn't take too long. I'd make a few pieces to see how it would work out and I've already got enough to almost cover half a bench. Ans, knowing the ladies at the knitting group we'll probably have loads of yarnbombs, so we might want to decide on something else to cover!

This was my contribution this morning, I sketched out the different pieces to see how they could fit together to cover the bench and I've sewn them up accordingly. This afternoon I've also added some decorations to the sides because I've used rather a lot of grey and the colours didn't clash enough. I'll see if I can get a photo of it in it's future location tomorrow.


Pairs 2

After completing the ankle socks, I decided I wanted to work on something bigger for a change. I looked through my favourites on Ravelry and found this: the ribbed lace bolero. I really liked the pattern and the wearer of the shrugs approves of it too, so a second one was soon started.

 This blue-grey one was the first one I knitted. I found the yarn at the gypsy market in El Puerto this Easter and it has been in my stash cupboard since. When I first calculated the gauge, I cast on way too many stitches, and only realised when it was nearly finished, so I had to frog it and start again. Once I recalculated the number of stitches and reknitted it, it was such a nice fit that I decided to do another one in some purple mohair yarn that I bought some time ago because it was reduced due to being the last three skeins. I used one to knit this shrug and I hope the other two will do to knit this.

With the nice yarn I bought in Hay, on the other hand, I decided to try and knit some gloves, I'd never knited gloves before, but I had made a few pairs of mittens, so I improvised a bit, and these are the result. The fingers are a bit misshapen, but once they're on you don't really notice :)

 Those are all the pairs for the moment. another post with more knitting will be coming shortly :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011


This holiday I really wanted to finish my WIP's. So I've been knitting some second-of-a-kinds to get my projects to the FO stage.
Up first: the crochet doily. I've made three of these, but unfortunately I didn't have photos of them. Now I've finished the fourth I finally remembered to take a photo. I just need to crochet the final round and then it'll be delivered to it's new owner to keep the other three doilies company :) The pattern is improvised, bit based on an old falling-to-pieces one it's going to replace. The four o these have taken me quite a long time as they're worked with a 0.75 mm hook and I must say I do prefer knitting to crochet...
Next: Ranunkel, part two.
These have now been blocked and are going to the same person as the crochet doilies. As I've said before: very nice pattern :) The only problem with these was that my thread was inclined to split...

 So, what else comes in pairs? Socks of course!
After finishing my very first (pink) pair, I moved on to a second pair. The pinkies are knitted over 64 stitches which is too wide for me, so I decided to reduce the stitch count to 56, which gives me nice tight socks :) Because I have such slim and small feet (size 36) 1 ball of yarn (100 gr) gives me enough to make a pair of normal, mid-calf socks AND a pair of ankle socks. I can feel I'm starting to get hooked :)

 The ankle socks are still mainly based on the basic sock pattern, but I've added a cable along the top of the foot to make them more special. I'm starting to get adventurous :) The second ankle sock is still on the needles but should be finished soon ;)