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Friday, August 26, 2011

Boom! It's a yarnbomb!

Some time ago, I posted that the Leuven cultural centre were looking for yarmbombers to decorate the venue of the Start-event, the Dijleterassen. They look like this:
On Wednesday I went to the first YB-meeting and between the three of us from our knitting group, we decided that we were going to cover the benches. It seems like quite a lot of work, but as there are usually about twenty of us around, it shouldn't take too long. I'd make a few pieces to see how it would work out and I've already got enough to almost cover half a bench. Ans, knowing the ladies at the knitting group we'll probably have loads of yarnbombs, so we might want to decide on something else to cover!

This was my contribution this morning, I sketched out the different pieces to see how they could fit together to cover the bench and I've sewn them up accordingly. This afternoon I've also added some decorations to the sides because I've used rather a lot of grey and the colours didn't clash enough. I'll see if I can get a photo of it in it's future location tomorrow.


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