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Sunday, October 2, 2011

I haven't posted for ages.

I'm really going to have to discipline myself to keep posting, otherwise there's be too much stuff to post when I finally get round to it.
So first up: the yarnbombing.

I finished my bench cover (first 2 photos) and the hat (3rd). Because the appeal was such a success that they needed people to sew other people's knitting onto the trees and benches. I went along and decided that I quite liked one of the trees(5th and 6th photo, both (nearly)upside down, sorry) there, which already had some knitting sewn onto it, so I clambered in (with some one's help, being small has it's downsides) and sewed for a bit. When I couldn't reach any higher I climbed back down (without falling out of the tree, hooray!) and sewed the base :)
It was really beautiful on the evening itself and a lot of people were interested in what we were doing. I think it's a great project because it help us knitters get rid of our 'old-ladies-knitting-socks-and-scratchy-jumpers-image', which is totally outdated and cliche...
Next, my 'normal knitting' projects:

The patchwork bag is coming on nicely after being put on hold for quite a while: I've sewn the bag itself and am now working on the shoulderstrap. One side is already finished (multicolour), the blue and grey side still has to be started. And when everything have been knitted it'll all have to be sewn...

After that, a promise I made 2 years ago. I promised a girl from my old class that I would knit a jumper for her with a big 'K' on the back. When I discovered the principal of a 'circular shrug' I decided I'd knit one of those for her. Here it is! Sewing in the ends has taken me longer than knitting the thing, and I haven't even finished yet. The letters themselves are done, but the seams that actually constitute the shrug need to be finished of...

Another promise: An Ondas scarf for my mother. I made her one some time ago , but she sold it to a colleague, so she was left scarf-less. When I went back to my LYS to buy another skein, I found they weren't selling that colour anymore. A few visits later, I still hadn't found it, so I decided to order it over the Internet, together with another skein for another colleague of my mother's who wanted one in the red shades. A month later, the yarn still hadn't arrived, so I rang the shop. It turned out that they weren't getting any in either, so I had to cancel the order... Some time after that I popped into my LYS (which is conveniently situated on my way to and from school) and found they had the red yarn again. (that was in May) so I knitted the red scarf . And now finally, nearly a year later, I've found the blue/green yarn again! It's so ironic that it literally took me ages to find the yarn, while I knitted the scarf in about 2 hours...

And last but not least: socks!

The blue socks are for me, I got the yarn in Hay last summer. The green and brown socks are both for my mother. It'll be her birthday in November, so I thought I'd knit her some socks as a birthday present... What I think is great about knitting socks for both of us is that we both have small feet, and I like ankle socks, so 100 gr of sock yarn makes 2 pairs of socks :)

 This is my sock bag. I like to take some knitting to school so I can use my breaks usefully and relax at the same time, and of course socks are the ideal WIP-on-the-go, as long as you don't have needles sticking out of your bag... I used to have a little woven bag to transport my socks in, but that wasn't very tasteful and was falling to pieces, really... So I used some leftover yarn to knit a new little pouch, ans I must say I'm rather pleased with it :)

That's all for today. I have a long weekend this weekend, so I might post again tomorrow, we'll see...

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