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Saturday, July 28, 2012

YOP: Post 2

Wow, I seem to have been able to post for two consecutive weeks! That doesn't happen very often, I hope to keep it up during the holidays, but I'm pretty sure it'll be impossible during term-time..

Anyway, I have some YOP progress to report: I finished my continental socks yesterday afternoon, just in time to be able to cast on a new pair in the evening (mass cast-on was at 10 PM over here) for the start of the ravellenic games.

This is the beginning of my ravellenic socks. I'm using the same concept as I used for the Autumn socks: one round stripes of black Jawoll superwash alternated with Jawoll Magic Dégradé. For these socks I'm using the yarn I had left after knitting the 'More than a triangle' shawl.

Since switching to continental knitting my gauge has become a lot looser. I started off with the usual 56 stitches, but found that although it was fine on the calf, it would be too wide if I didn't decrease for the ankle, so I went down to 48, which seems like very few stitches, but the fit seems to be OK now.
I've named these socks 'Spain in summer' socks, because the colours in the yarn remind me of a temperature map of Spain in the summer: mostly yellow and orange, with pink and red in the south, and a little blob of green in the north now and again.

I'm also entering my 'May flowers' yarnbomb in the ravellenics and that means it has to be finished by Monday if I want to be able to put it in the place I have in mind for it.

That's all for this week,

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  1. Both pairs of socks are great, I love the colour of the second pair.