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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Year of projects

Inspired by various knitters whose blogs I read, I've decided to participate in the 'Year of Projects' Blog-a-long. I don't think I'll be able to post every week, but if I can get one post in every month I'll be happy... I'm planning to make my own YOP grafic in the next few days and use that in all the posts.
Update: the banner is now complete.

So, here goes. I've divided my list into a few categories:

1. Learn to knit continental properly, so I'll be able to do two-handed stranded knitting;
pattern: Musica mitts (deadline Jan 2013)
2. Learn to knit entrelac. I've always found entrelac extremely beautiful and I think this year is the right time to learn how it works.
pattern: Entre deux saisons

1. The 'I Heart You' chart
2. The 'Papyrus' chart

1. a top
pattern: either 'Bella Paquita', 'Pioneer', or 'Arbor'
2. a cardigan: depending on yarn gauge: 'March Basic', 'Elbow Patch Cardigan', 'Cardigan in Alpaca and Glitter' or another 'Stanton'
3. Special socks
pattern: either the 'Double heelix' or the 'Skew' socks
4. a pair of fingerless gloves
pattern: 'Knucks'

1. something geeky
pattern: various possibilities: 'Atomic Blocks', 'Irrationally Constant Mittens', 'Pi socks' (or any other constant socks, for that matter), 'Doppler Effect Socks', 'Space Invaders Socks', ...
2. something stripey
pattern: 'Color Affection Shawl' , another 'More Than a Triangle Shawl' or a a 'Dream Stripes' shawl

That makes a grand total of 10 things I hope to complete before June 30th 2013!


  1. 10 is a nice number :) Good luck! I look forward to seeing all the patterns you choose and progress you make!

  2. wow...I'm impressed by all the detail in your list...I didn't post pattern links...

  3. What a great list with a good range of items on it. With all our encouragement I'm sure you'll acheive all of that and I hope you enjoy the year.

  4. I like the way you've organized your list. Love the background on your blog. Welcome to the group. I'm your newest follower. Best of luck as we all embark on this mission that is year 2.

    Sandy's Space

    I'm not able to leave you the proper link to my blog as you only have the generic google option. You might want to change your settings to allow name and url. We have lots of bloggers with multiple blogs which makes it a time saver and many non blogger blogs.

  5. It sounds like a great list. I second Sandy's suggestion :). (If you need help changing the settings, let me know because I can help!)

  6. Welcome fellow newbie! You've got nice variety in your projects that I'm sure will keep you motivated. Once a week posting can be a lot, but it's not necessary - it's all about what works for you. Good luck and have fun!!

  7. Wonderful variety there that's sure to keep you interested. I like once a week posting for YoP - the accountability keeps me moving forward!

  8. That's a lovely list, I'm going to really enjoy watching your projects.

  9. Welcome! very nice list and pattern choices! Cannot wait to see your progress!!

  10. Entrelac was a skill I learned this year too, warning: those little squares and triangles become addictive once you figure them out! My little baby afghan has become the thing that ate my yarn budget, and grown into a full-size duvet.


  11. Love your list and will look forward to your weekly updates. Hmm wonder what the something geeky will be ??