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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bits and bobs

A little bit of everything in this post. To start with, a pair of mittens I knitted this winter for a boy in my class. We do a kind of a gift swap at Christmas, and I gave him this, some biros and and a chocolate letter (Very popular in Belgium and Holland for St. Nicolas, but also much appreciated for Christmas.

 And two scarves: one for a cold winter and one for when it gets cooler in the autumn.
Red Katia Ondas scarf for autumn/spring
Green Veritas Laura scarf, very warm, for a cold winter
Now some WIP's.
These are the two sides of a patchwork knit bag I've designed myself. I'm a bit worried It'll give to much but I'll have to see that when it's finished....

Something else I've been doing is making a scraps blanket. I bought a black fleece blanket at Wibra's and every time I knit a little patch to test a gauge I sew it on. I know there are a lot of different colours in it, and they don't always work incredibly well together, but I like it because it's something very personal. Nobody will ever have one exactly the same.
It's been quite a slow-growing project, and I've still got some scraps to sew on :)

This is a shrug I knitted , but the fronts aren't wide enough to close it, so I'll have to reknit them.... It had a crochet border, but I took that off before I took the photo...

Oh well, that's all for now, I'll be having exams soon so I'll have to knit a little less and study a little more ...

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