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Friday, July 1, 2011

my exams are over, finally part 2

I thought I'd just upload some more photos.

To start with, another braided ball.
I knitted this one on 5mm needles (the pattern is 3 mm) because my pupil had some Katia Alaska left over from a hat she knitted and didn't know what to do with it. I absolutely adore this pattern. It's easy to make, looks complicated, uses up your yarn scrap and makes a great gift.

Next, a sock.
This sock came from the 'Knitting for dummies' book. The leg part fit very nicely, but I have very slim feet, so the foot is WAY to wide. A nice  easy pattern though, and exactly what it says on the box: (sock) knitting for dummies.

Another bit of winter knitting now, I've received some photo's from a girl for whom I knitted two scarves last winter. One has already been shown to the world on this blog (the one on the left) The one on the right was a quick knit (K2,P2) on 8 mm needles with three strands of yarn: one brown, one black and one grey.
And last but not least, a photo of a tea cos I knitted some time ago and one of the beginning of the shoulder strap for the patchwork bag


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