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Monday, June 27, 2011

my exams are over, finally

I had my last exam on the 24th of June, and since then I've had lots of time to knit!
I've finished the laptop cover and the main part of the patchwork bag

I made a little crochet pouch on the inside of the cover to put my usb mouse and keyboard connector in, as my laptop is only mine because the keyboard on it doesn't work anymore! It was my mother's and she spilled a glass of water over it) It fits really snugly, so that's one FO I'm happy with! I used leftover yarn from a red cardigan my mother knitted, and the button was also a leftover one from that project! That's one of my favorite aspects of knitting: there's always something that be done with the leftovers :)

On to the other bag: It's coming on quite nicely, even though I say so myself! -Another project using leftovers :)-
I've made a start on the handle, but that'll still take some time...

Remember the shrug I had to take apart? Well I'm reknitting it now. It still needs some work, but I hope to finish it soon...

Ps. The Leuven culture authorities (30cc) are organising a yarn-bombing event at the Dijletrappen on the 17th of September. More information here. I've got some more stuff to post, but I'll have to do that tomorrow!

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