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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Yesterday there was a big event in Leuven, the KVLV organised an event to celebrate their 100th 'birthday'. Of course there was an activity involving knitting :) At the Ladeuzeplein they had put some chairs in a circle so people could sit down and knit together. On each chair there was some knitting (scarf-shaped) and there were various yarns to choose from. The principle was 'knitting together', so you could pick something up and knit for a while, and when you'd had enough, you got up and somebody else would carry on where you had stopped. As for the stitches, you could knit whatever you wanted to, as long as you slipped the first stitch and knitted the last one...

 This was the one I picked up. A jumble of different colours and textures, as you can see... I started it after the first row of red loops and then carried on with that yarn for a while, and when I got fed up with it I switched to yellow. Loads of people were intrigued about the red loopy yarn, and I got lots of comments for being so young (I always seem to be the youngest, wherever I am...) and being able to knit without looking at my knitting.! :] After a while, some ladies from Zandhoven came and sat next to me. They said they would like to go the sock knitting workshop at my LYS, but they had no idea where it was, so I showed them the way. While I was there I bought some Katia Ondas for a scarf a someone wants me to knit, and some extra cotton for my crochet. I walked back to the station to get my bus (I was in a walking mood...) because it'll be the exams soon and I had to study some Greek (a text by Herodotus; Gyges and Kandaules). In the end I had a very nice afternoon, even though it was a bit hot to be knitting outside...

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  1. Hallo, ik ben eens komen neuzen. Leuke mutsen en leuk bij kvlv.