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Sunday, March 4, 2012


 The February addition to my stash is shawl-yarn. The blue yarn is for an Echo shawl, something I'd like to knit this Summer in Spain, where I'll have the time needed for the lacework. Lace is also the right temperature scale for an Andalusian Summer...

For the other yarn I've already started the project. It's going to be a Wingspan shawl, warm enough for the colder weather that can still come in Spring, and easy enough to finish before it gets to warm to wear it this year.

 The rainbow puerperium cardigan has been finished and I just love it. Rainbow colours are one of my favourite colour schemes and baby clothes are just so sweet.

The other baby things have also been finished. The  hat was a quick and easy knit, the baby shoes were a bit more complicated and they're not absolutely perfect, but they sill look really cute :)

The burgundy socks are also finished. They're not spectacular, but they're finished. I'll be knitting a second, longer pair for my mother, because she loves the colours...


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