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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rainbow babies

Last day of the half-term break, so it's time of an update.
I've been way off my 3-WIP's-at-a-time target these last weeks, because of the birth of two babies...
The first one is a Canadian baby girl called Charlotte. She's going to get a rainbow puerperium cardigan, knitted with the yarn I had left over from the rainbow blanket.
As parents tend to get loads of stuff for newborn babies, I decided to knit the cardi with two strands of yarn on 6.5 mm needles. The downside of the rainbow stripes is that every change in colour creates more end that have to be sewn in... Apart from that tedious job, it's proving a very simple and beautiful pattern!

 The second baby is a little boy called Leon. He'll be getting a pair of little shoes, made with the leftover yarn from the rainbow socks. I wanted to knit another pair of those socks, but they'll have to wait for a while, until I find some more multicoloured yarn, as the little hat I've got planned for this baby will probably use up all I've got left... The pattern is 'Saartjes Bootees', which I found on Ravelry.

I also finally got round to blocking the autumn shawl. It's now huge, which I like because it gives you more ways to ware it. Blocking that also hugely helped the stitch definition of the pattern reach it's full potential. I've also started my next pair of socks, for the mindless knitting I needed during the first few days of the break.I should finish them this week, they'll be perfect to take to school and finish during the breaks... 

I've also finished my Safire shrug. I knitted it in a smaller size than it should be, and it was still a bit too big to wear it normally. So, instead of frogging it, I sewed the ribbing part closed (leaving the buttons on, I love them) and sewed it up a little further to make the neck smaller, to make it a better fit. It fits fine now and as I loved the pattern and the detailing given by the buttons I think I might knit another one someday... The lovely squishyness and softness of the yarn and it's wonderful smell make this cardi feel superb. :)

My last WIP isn't really a knitting WIP. My grandmother is knitting a garter stitch blanket, and it's my job to combine the colours and to do the seaming and blocking. Seaming isn't usually my favourite part of the knitting experience, but I find that, once you get started, it gets quite enjoyable. The seaming adventure begins! There are lots of different coloured squares, so I don't know how the whole thing will look with all the colours, but I suppose clashing colours aren't that much of a problem. I'm sure it'll be a snug blanket :)


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