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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012, here we go

I'm going to try making some knitting new year's resolutions. I have a tendency to forget them during the year so I can never check if they've been completed or not, so here goes:

1. Knit a pair (or more) of patterned socks.

2. Reduce my stash.
2a. Make something with the black and grey chunky yarn and the fuzzy yarn in the same colours. I think an idea is growing in my mind....
2b. Make something with the various types of green yarn that are in my stash.
photos of the offending yarn and a 'flash your stash' will follow shortly.

3. Post more frequently. I often find myself typing for half an hour because of a buildup of unshared projects.

4. Ask people for whom I've knitted stuff in pre-blog times to send me a photo of the item. And keep stalking them until they do.

5. Try not to have more than 3 WIP's going at once.
WIP nr. 1 will probably be a blanket, WIP nr. 2 will be a pair of socks, so there is room for one jumper/hat/shawl at a time.

6. A little more abstract: knit something that has 'the wow factor'

7. Knit something from the various pattern books and magazines I received this year. 

8. Make another yarnbomb. Yarnbombing is supposed to make people smile, and there are enough people who need cheering up in this world.

9.Make something out of reclaimed yarn.

10.Keep spreading the word and the skills to people around me!


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