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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some more photos

Coming back from Britain did my new jumper some good, on the other hand it's made my fingers very painful. I knitted for about 7 hours, on circular needles, so you can probably imagine what my finger feel like at the moment. I'm now very much into shrugs. They're not very difficult to knit (I use this pattern) they're quick (so I can knit ones in lots of different colours) and they don't kneed much yarn (witch is great because I've got quite a lot of leftovers). I've now got two shrugs halfway there (just about to cast off for the neck on both).

Anyway, I wanted to post some photos of my winter projects, so here we go. The hat is the same model and colour as the one in  the last post, only this one was knitted for somebody else and they took a better photo.

The next one is another hat. Same pattern (more or less), different colour(s), and of course different person.
And to complete the set, a pair of mittens and a scarf.

Oh well, that's all  for now,

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