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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's true, Knit Happens

Hello world,
I thought you might want to know about the day to day knitting life of one of your people.
So, here I go.
Today was quite a nice day.
At the moment I'm knitting this in black. I'm about third of the way up the main part and thought I'd go and buy some double-pointed needles to knit the sleeves. So I went to the shop, bought them and then, guess what, I rummaged through my knitting bag and found a set of needles exactly like the ones I'd just bought...
You see, knit really does happen xD
I'll have to go back tomorrow to take them back....  I had to pop into the shop anyway because a girl in my class wants me to knit a scarf for her. That'll be one of my last scarves this winter I'm afraid, because the weather here is getting quite pleasant in the afternoons...
At the same time I'm also knitting an 'Ondas' scarf. Very pleasant once you get in to the rhythm of pulling the yarn open, I must say.
That's enough for today,
Hope to see you soon,

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