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Saturday, April 14, 2012

holiday knitting

Remember that white yarn that I didn't have a project for? Well, it told me it would like to be a blanket. I listened to it and thought for a while. We'd just received our exam plan for June, and I read that for the Aesthetics exam we'd have to produce a work of art inspired by a twentieth century artist. The art could be of any form: drawing, painting, music, dance, textiles,... Wait a minute: did it say 'textiles'? It did.

So, my choice was made fairly quickly. I was going to knit something. Next problem: what could I knit? While I was analysing my stash, I heard the call of the white yarn again. The choice was made. I'm going to knit a white blanket and use it as a canvas to recreate a work of art.The perfect pattern? One that has been in my queue for some time: the famous 'Ten Stitch Blanket'. I'm using the yarn held double and knitting with 7 mm needles. It's not the perfect mindless knit as you have to look at it to see where you need to pick up the stitch to join, but hey, it's good enough!

I plan to leave the spiral side as it is, and do some embroidery on the 'wrong side' to turn it into a 'work of art'. I'm not 100% sure of my artist, but my favourite -and my original- idea was to do something in the style of MirĂ³. On the one hand because he was Spanish (yes, Catalan still counts as Spanish) and he's not that famous in Belgium, on the other hand simply because I like his paintings. I like the idea that art doesn't necessarily have to represent a certain object. As long as it's aesthetically pleasing, it's fine on me. Another reason for my choice is that it shouldn't be too difficult to crochet/embroider something in the style of one of his 'Constellation' paintings onto the blanket.

I've also finished my first pair of autumn socks. When I took the photo they still had to be grafted and have the ends woven in, but that has been done since and the socks are on my feet at this very moment. Autumnal socks for spring. Sort of sounds like singing Christmas carols in summer, slightly weird, but hey, the socks are comfy, so who cares?


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